Our founder Halit ERYİĞİT was born in Corum in 1968 and began his career at the age of 12. With his brilliant intelligence, endeavors and success in his professional life, Eryiğit Industrial Machinery and Medical Devices Company became one of the leading companies in Turkey in a short time. He gave great importance to R & D in the sector as a person who came from the field and applied in the field of medical devices. TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB supported many projects and commercialized all of these projects. More than 50 technical courses about the industry took courses. Many people trained in the field of profession. He shared the shortcomings he saw in the field of medical devices with public institutions and organizations, universities with NGOs and conducted joint projects with them.Work experiences:

1991 Eryiğit Industrial Machinery and Medical Devices Ltd. Sti. He established his company. Production of central sterilization products started.

1993-1995 - TÜBİTAK SAGE project parts made production.

1995 - TUBITAK has received a certificate of achievement due to its successful production.

1995-1998 - In the medical sector, Hospital equipment production was realized

1998 - Made 100% domestic gynecology table production and created an alternative to imported products. TSE Certificate in Turkey by producing more than 2200 gynecology table realized the sale.

2000- Operated the operation and design of the desk. TSE received the documents.

2001 - Started production of autoclave (steam sterilizer).17.10.

2002- Received the first ISO 9001 and CE certificates for sterilization devices in Turkey as valid until

2007. (Documentation is taken from Germany Eurocat company.)

2005- Successfully completed TÜBİTAK R & D Project named "Sterilizer Device Working with High-Saturated Steam" for energy and water saving of autoclaves.

2005- Eryiğit Ltd. Şti converted to Eryiğit A.Ş with 3 million TL capital. Appointed Chairman of the Board of Directors.

2007 - TUV has been renewed from Germany and Australia.

2009- Successfully completed TÜBİTAK R & D project named "High Capacity Validation Data Recording and Analysis System".

2010 - Successfully completed TÜBİTAK R & D project named "Hydrogen Peroxide Gas Plasma Sterilizer Development". 

2011- Successfully completed TÜBİTAK R & D project named "Development of Industrial and Hospital Type Medical Waste Sterilizer".

2011- Successfully completed TÜBİTAK R & D project named "Development of Medical Device Washer Device".

2014 - Started production of patented implants under the project "Design, Production, Mechanical Analysis of Different Dental and Orthopedic Implants Designed by Hitit University, Survey of Biocompatibility with Surface Coating and Finishing Processes and Paza Submission" project.

2015 - Completed the TÜBİTAK R & D Project named "Electricity Generation with Concentrated Solar Energetic Hot Air Motor (Stirling)".

2015- TÜBİTAK R & D Project titled "Top Level Sound Controlled LED Illumination Operation Ceiling Lamp Project" is ongoing.

2015- TÜBİTAK R & D Project titled "Senior Orthopedics-Brain and General Surgery Operation Table Project" is ongoing.

  • MEMBER STK (Civil Society Organizations)
  • MÜSİAD Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association; Member of
  • ASO (Ankara Chamber of Industry); Assembly Member
  • OSTİM Medical Cluster; vice president
  • OSBÜK - Organized Industrial Zones Regional Organization; Representative
  • UMUD International Association Against Substance Abuse; President of the Association
  • SAYED Health Management and Education Association